Sprout Seoul Menu Review Day 4

Sprout Seoul: Natural Healthy Whole Food Service Korea

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Salted Caramel Chia Pudding

I think I actually enjoy the versions of the chia pudding with less of the sweet ingredients.  The salted caramel wasn’t very salty and it came in one giant dollop to mix in.  The taste was less caramel and more grainy brown sugar.  This tasted a little chewier than the other chia puddings.

Greek Salad with Baked Tempeh Feta

I would definitely order this salad again!  There were tons of black olives and not too many red onions.  This was another dish I split into lunch and an afternoon snack.  The tofu tasted super creamy – more like goat cheese than feta.  I didn’t need to use all the dressing.  The blend of flavours was enough!

Seoul Food Review Sprout Vegan Healthy Food

Massaman Curry

I was so excited to try Sprou Seoul’s Massaman Curry!  This was one dish that I was actually kind of on the fence about.  It was tasty, just like the rest of the items, but didn’t hit me with the same sort of flavours I had had in Thailand.  I actually made massaman curry chicken in Bangkok. This reminded me a lot of the Butter Chickpeas, but I think that was more of a hit for my tastebuds.

Raw Nanaimo Bars (3 layer coconut chocolate bar)

This dessert actually tasted a lot like the Raw Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Pie.  I liked both, but this one had way more coconut flavour.  The portion is massive, so if you don’t want to be fatty Kathy like me then make sure to portion it out right when you get home!  This was much closer to a traditional Nanaimo bar than I’ve ever had in Korea.

Sprout Seoul Vegan Menu Food Review : Natural Healthy Whole Food Service Korea

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Food Review of Natural Healthy Vegan Food Subscription Service Sprout Seoul in Korea

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