Flings, Stings, Constant Cravings: Am I Summoning a Demon on Earth?

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Exes & Oh No’s: Part 2

It’s always amazing how when you’re happy with someone new, your old beaus come back to haunt you. The night before Adonis moved to Korea, an old fling who had hurt me quite a bit came back to explain his actions and beg for forgiveness. When I started dating Co-P, Adonis took responsibility for each and every thing which had driven me bonkers during our relationship. The way I handled all of those things was certainly the reason for our relationship’s demise, and the fact that he knew he had done a plethora of stress/ rage inducing things throughout our tenure (but was too stubborn to change) created a flood of emotions which were confusing, especially when I was starting to date someone new.

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Flings and Stings

We all have a bizarre sense of when the winds change, but what about people who haven’t made that much of an impact, yet? I work near this guy I met almost a year ago. Things got very intense really quickly, and he ran for the hills. I thought he has ghosted me entirely. He has come back time after time with the caveat that he doesn’t believe in monogamy. (*LOL ROLLS EYES INTO BACK OF HEAD FOREVER!*) I think that just means that he’s scared – scared to miss the opportunity of another notch. He’s scared to actually feel something and potentially get hurt. He’s scared to put in a little effort.
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Constant Cravings

I rarely run into him, but when I do it’s always when I’m starting something new with someone else. I’ve been on a few dates with someone who seems to have everything I’d like in a partner on paper, but he’s starting to pull back and I just don’t have the time or energy for that.¬† Enter guy who works nearby – let’s call him ‘Sensory Overload’. He always manages to bump into me when I’m questioning my self-worth. he’s a total f*ckboi and I hate that I actually have a crush on the dude, but when you’re with him you feel like the only person on the planet. He will literally stop traffic to give me a hug. He’ll hang up the phone (he’s always on the phone, of course he is) to ask what’s going on in my world. He sends cute messages once we part ways. When I need him casually, he’s always around.
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Why can’t we ever get what we want at the right time? This is why we turn into gremlins when one from the fold has found “a good one”. Tinder is like Pok√©mon-Go – we search the city swiping for monsters. We’re desperate for structure and consistency. Why am I summoning this demon each time something good starts to go a little sour?

Candidly Cartier: Deleting 4 Dating – Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and OkCupid

Single Sally Stops Swiping

When it comes to Bumble Fails or Tinder Nightmares, the stories write themselves. My writing has become boring in Toronto, however. Life in Korea was interesting because it was foreign and everything was a challenge and new and exciting. The guys I dated were damaged. One was having massive internal crises about love. I wish I could have helped him, but he will have to learn to help himself. Others were with me because they wanted to be on the blog. Ex-co-p I’m looking at you and your wife who still creep my social media – literally LinkedIn today. Writing is a way for me to work through the weirdness I experience while navigating these relationships. I haven’t watched Bird Box yet, but if following the memes gives me any idea, deleting all apps and trying to navigate the Toronto dating scene blind seems to be the only way to avoid the monsters.


Deleting all Apps

Ladies and gentlemen, I went into 2019 sans swipe. My instagram storied lacked some serious mansplaining and offers of pantsless Netflix and chill. I only lasted about 16 days over-eating, working out, and over-sleeping without window-shopping for men. This is hardly the recipe to meet a mate, and I’m starting to realize why people get cats. Instead of a cat, however, I bought a ticket. Normally my travel talk would be limited to The Toronto Seoulcialite. I haven’t yet posted about Bali because how do you write the top 10 ways to eat, drink, and bang your way through Gili Trawangan?

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Of course, I’m kidding. My Gili T romance was full of passion and drama, but there was only one apple of my eye. I am clearly unable to distinguish the b*tches from the beaches, but I do know when a deal is too good to pass up! Toronto, Canada to Cebu, Philippines for $575 round trip and¬†tax-in was a great buy. I’m going at the beginning of April. The weather is supposed to be insanely good and without much rain. In March it will be a year since I left Korea. While there are some cute guys online/ on dating apps, in person they tend to look like moldy coleslaw. I find Hotness monsters on the beach, and I just signed myself up for 7 days of babe-watching.

Willpower Weakness

In the 2 and a half weeks without any dating apps I did find I approached more men in the hopes of initiating an organic connection. It really worked the first time, however someone who I thought was a friend ended up f*cking him in the men’s bathroom of a popular downtown bar (and breaking the baby change table in the process). I met another since we had exchanged numbers before both deleting our dating apps. He indicated he was interested in seeing me again, but ultimately ghosted (because of course he did). Now? I re-installed tinder, but no other dating apps. I don’t open it very frequently. My dating life is actually improving, believe it or not. Tinder managed to bring me one special guy who is hitting all the points of communication I so desperately crave, and another who I’m not quite sure about, but who is ambitious as all get out. I think there’s something to be said for simplifying, and I’m not going to say no to putting a few more chucklehead tinder nightmares on blast in the process.

Candidly Cartier: What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

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What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve always holds a little magic for me. Call me childlike, call me whimsical, call me a bitch in sheep’s clothing – this is the time of year where I set all sarcasm aside and am genuinely hopeful. There are plenty of “New Year, New Me”, “New Year, Same Asshole”, and “New Year, New Memes” running around my Facebook feed, but I think it’s a great time to step back and take accountability for the year coming to a close and the opportunity to come.

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Hard Reset

Some people say that special days set the tone for the next year. I think they’re kind of like hard resets to as close to factory settings as you can get. They make you assess where you are and are optimal as pivot points if you’re unhappy with particular elements. On New Year’s Eve, I make tangible goals. On my birthday, they tend to be more sentimental. Even on Valentine’s Day I make goals, but that’s usually to pick up as much chocolate as I can while it’s on deep discount!

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Planning for Paradise

If New Year’s Eve sets the tone for the year, December 31, 2017 was a very good indication. Last New Year’s Eve I spent the day updating my resume, applying for jobs in Canada from Korea, finalizing travel itineraries, and decided very last minute to go to this huge hotel ballroom party with one of the most entertaining friends I met in Korea.

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Step 1 – We can have lots of fun!

That evening we went to my friend’s bar for a quick sip of holiday cheer. When we arrived, the bar was completely empty. One and done, we hopped across to another’s friend’s restaurant which was picking up speed, and we were able to have a couple of cocktails and mingle with some people who, looking back, were really important to me over the course of my time in Seoul. We took a taxi down to Gangnam and the hotel was already insanely packed.

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Happy New Year!

There were plenty of familiar faces. Some of these people taunted and tormented me the majority of 2017. I saw one fall on her face and welcomed the little bitch called karma to the party. I bumped into someone I dated right after ex Co-P when I was 100% not ready to be going out with anyone. Closure was good. I met some readers of The Toronto Seoulcialite and That Girl Cartier who ended up coming to my going away party in March. We all mixed and mingled and I got to hang out with a lot of¬† amazing friends I had made over the course of my 3 years abroad. At midnight, I even got my New Year’s kiss!

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Working Girl

If NYE 2018 was an indication of the year to come, I think it was pretty spot on. I continuously worked on my resume and interview skills. In Canada, I worked a contract position for a major non-profit before getting a job I love at a big Bay Street law firm. I am so incredibly lucky to have this position working under the management of someone I adore, and with two smart, strong, beautiful women who round out our part of the team. We have a host of characters in our department and each brings a magnitude of skills and swag to our dynamic. In 2018 I took trips to Borneo, Bali, Orlando, and Reykjavik. Landing in Toronto, I brought back the most important people (some I never thought I’d be so close to after 20 years of friendship <3). Anyone who had previously brought negativity to my life was ravaged by karma (see December 2016) or just didn’t make it back into my life.

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Disappointing Dates

I dated a lot – whoa man, did I ever date. Like that NYE party in Gangnam, nobody was particularly special, however. I went on a lot of first dates which amounted to absolutely nothing. Even people from dating apps I’d never met assumed that (I guess based on age? I’m 31) I wanted to drop it all and get hitched right away. Nope, I’d like to have a connection with someone and would like to go on regular dates, but don’t really see that happening with someone in Toronto. 2019 – feel free to surprise me in that department!

2019 – Back to that Fitness Grind

In December I began a program called F45 which stands for “Functional 45 (minutes)”. It’s circuit training you take at your own pace with several trainers moving throughout the stations to ensure your technique is correct, you’re not getting injured, and you’re giving it your all. I’ve decided to partner with them (they call me an “F45 Ambassador” #fancy!) because I’ve tried a number of similar classes throughout Toronto in November and December, and this was the only one I felt was accessible to every body (skinny fat, big boned, bloated, or big and buff) and at every stage of the fitness journey. As much as I loved (and I LOVED) Big Hit, I need something that’s convenient to home or work, and these studios are popping up all over town. St. Clair West is convenient to get to from work then to head home, and I love the community that’s developing at this relatively new studio! I’ll be taking a class on December 31, 2018 and anticipate F45 will be a bit element in my personal growth (and physical reduction!) through 2019. FREE WEEK – CLICK HERE

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Peaks and Valleys

A concept recently brought to my attention is that our life should have peaks and valleys much like the lines on a heart rate monitor. When the line moves, we’re alive. When the line is a plateau for too long, our heart has stopped beating and we’re dead. The past few years have has such epic highs and deep, deep lows. I now find that I’m teetering awfully close to the plateau. Honestly, I’m kind of bored. I hope that this year I can find the beauty in the break, strive for more epic highs, accept any tragic losses, and keep this wildly passionate heart beating. If not for the simile, at least for the caloric burn.

New Years Eve Toronto Lifestyle Blog

Happy New Year



Repat Dating Diaries: Oh no – I’ve been on this date before!

Cold, Quiet, Dry Winter Months

It’s been seven months since my return from the land of morning calm (Korea, dweebs). In that time I’ve tried to date as much as possible, if only to provide you lovely Seouls with fresh content so you can feel better about your lives as we go into the cold, winter months. I thought Itaewon was bad for guys and girls alike furiously swiping left and right while at a bar full of decent-looking, age appropriate humans with at least the common expat connection.¬† No, no – Toronto is far worse for tinder tendinitis.

Double-Dipping for Dating

I got pretty lucky meeting the hot, young, Italian 3-minute Stallion. I met a guy who flew all the way to Jamaica for some fatherly advice after we got “too intimate too quickly” (read: we went on 3 dates that week and he met my roommate’s dog). There was a carpenter, but if you’ve been reading for a while then you know there’s only one carpenter in my heart (and no, it’s not JC). Beyond that, I’ve yet to really date the same dude twice – except I did.

Repetitive Repercussions

Keep in mind that I had been living on the other side of the planet for 3 years when I tell you this story. I thought the pictures were kind of familiar, but I just didn’t put two and two together. It was like a bad episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. There I was sitting in a booth at The Drake Hotel (a popular West Queen West spot) and my date walked in. He wasn’t anything to write home about, but I probably wouldn’t have kicked him out of bed either. Then, he opened his mouth and it all came flooding back. After 3 years, he still told me the same stories about his 1 trip to Poland (tldr: he got drunk the whole time and saw no historical attractions). My date was still bragging about buying his condo with 0% down.

I’ve Learned Nothing

Was this a trap? Did he know that I knew who he was? Was he pretending we had never met before, too? This was the first time I had doubled-down on a dreadful date. Are there really so few single men in this city? Have I completed the circle and come back to the start?

Who knows…

I’ll probably make this mistake again.


Expat Dating Diaries: Are You Scared to Be Lonely

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I’m not the girl I used to be. The manic pixie dream girl you fell in love with on a moonlit night en route through sandy streets to 7-11 exists somewhere, but she’s not here. The stressed out, overworked, manic, afraid of failure girl you loved because you had to isn’t here either. I’m back in Canada where there’s no mania whatsoever. Honestly – I feel as though I must be crazy for holding onto this, but my life is so well-balanced and normal that it can’t be. I’ve either become completely boring or am walking the long line of a plateau; on the precipice of something great.

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I wake up and start my day with a light workout. I go to work and count my calories. After work sometimes I’ll go to boxing and sometimes I’ll make plans with a friend. Every two weeks I pay off my credit card and put money into a tax-free savings account. I’m now 31 and this is what you do here even though the notion that I’ll ever produce anything with my measly savings is one hell of a pipe dream. Occasionally I’ll go on a blind date because its next to impossible to meet someone organically. I’ll typically never see the person again and consider it time wasted on the search to find your replacement.

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Have you ever tried to replace a love which has moved you so deeply that it changed the way you approach every element of your life? The kind of love that can shake you to your core with memories of its intensity? I have. I was pretty successful too for a 4-month stint because I found someone who was even more afraid of being on his own than I.

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For most of my life I was a lone wolf. I was more concerned with getting ahead in my career than finding a partner. I dated, sure, but I had never felt like a piece of myself or my heart was missing until my trip to Thailand in 2016. I was free before I met him, and now i’m scared I’ll never feel free or love/ be loved the same way ever again. It was my 29th birthday and I met the puzzle piece I never knew I was missing at a hostel on the beach in Phuket. After a week together I grit my teeth and made my way back to Korea and feeling emotional pain unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my life.

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When he made the leap of faith and moved to Korea to be with me, I didn’t know how to be thankful in a humble way. I didn’t know how to love him without smothering him and unintentionally pushing him away. It was such a foreign concept to me that someone like that could make such a sacrifice for me, that every day was worth celebrating. Colours were brighter. Food tasted better. Parties needed to last all night because why wouldn’t everyone want to rejoice in my newfound discovery?

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It was exhausting for us both, eventually, and when he left I felt a pain even more excruciating than before. It stayed with me for another 4 months through which time I must have dyed my hair 10 times and blacked out even more.

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Then at the beginning of March I met someone. He was still in a long-distance relationship at the time, but I had had no idea. We didn’t have that much in common, but he kept me on a schedule which improved my health and pulled me out of the darkness. He told me his mother always said he was a white knight to maidens in distress. I never imagined that my darkness would take me that low. Eventually I regained my footing and my strength. Of course that was a turn-off for him, and he sought another insecure woman. My replacement had replaced me. You told me you always thought he looked weird.

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Looking back to that time in Thailand when we had just met, I remember something he said then reiterated the day he moved in with me in Korea and about a year after we broke up. He had told me about this theory that some people were built for one another. I laughed it off because he told it to me in far more graphic terms than I’m explaining here (more emphasis on the body than the soul ūüćÜ), but feeling the need to repeat it one last time when we were both in replacement relationships something I still just can’t shake.

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I often wonder: if so many of us are just replacing our missing puzzle pieces, has the other half of my heart just found a band-aid¬†he can’t bear to rip? Are you putting a square peg in a round hole because you’re too scared to be lonely or too stubborn and afraid to admit you made a mistake?

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Scared to Be Lonely

Dua Lipa, Martin Garrix

It was great at the very start

Hands on each other

Couldn’t stand to be far apart

Closer the better

Is it just our bodies? Are we both losing our minds?
Is the only reason you’re holding me tonight
‘Cause we’re scared to be lonely?

Do we need somebody just to feel like we’re alright?
Is the only reason you’re holding me tonight
‘Cause we’re scared to be lonely?

Dating in Toronto: Are Local Men Commitment-Phobes?

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Dating in Toronto: Are Women Too Intimidating?

Now that I’m back in Toronto I’m trying to assess the dating pool from the outside looking in.¬† While I’m more focused on finding a job than a date (current job ‚úď, new job August 20th ‚úď), my gal pals are on the prowl.¬† I’ve returned from Korea to find I only have a handful of single male friends.¬† It seems like I have more single female friends in my age-group than ever, and they are all experiencing the same problem.¬† Is it that Toronto men are scared of commitment or scared of a confident, successful woman?¬† Let’s take a look at some examples of my single pals and other gals dating in Toronto.


Dating in Toronto: Are Local Men Commitment-Phobes? That Girl Cartier blonde woman flower pink smile happy garden fence rustic wood quirky lipstick red female girl
Lisa Fotios


Dating in Toronto: Lisa

Lisa and I have known one another for over 10 years.¬† She’s got a pretty dominant personality at first, but is pretty chilled out and easygoing when it comes to making plans.¬† She finished her MBA a few years ago and has taken on a senior role at a start up.¬† She’s passionate about her work, her dog, and her family.¬† I haven’t seen my friend Lisa in 4 months.¬† Why?¬† Well, she’s been pretty heavily into the Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid scenes.¬† For her, Dating in Toronto is a full-time job, too.¬† She’s met a pretty attractive man who seems to take up a lot of her time, yet another commitment-phobe, plus she’s juggling a gazillion first dates.¬† Seems like she’s collecting a variety of styles, throwing them at the wall, and just seeing what sticks.¬† So far she hasn’t really gotten anywhere, and I haven’t really seen my friend!


pretty woman ok lips black hair jumper jersey wide eyes tattoo Dating in Toronto: Are Local Men Commitment-Phobes? That Girl Cartier

Dating in Toronto: Abby

Abby is 25.¬† She goes out every Friday to the exact same bar hoping to find a husband.¬† I shit you not, this girl honestly thinks that the first guy who doesn’t back away when she smashes her face into his is going to make for a great provider for her 2.5 children, dog, and white picket fence in Thornhill.¬† Abby joined ultimate frisbee because she thought it would be a great way for her to meet guys.¬† She does it all for the ‘gram.¬† She captions with the likes of “your vibe attracts your tribe” on a picture of a group of people who don’t actually know one another.¬† With someone like Abby, you can’t share your interest in a particular member of the opposite sex.¬† She will undermine any sort of connection you had by trotting over, tits out, making the game real easy for ya man over there.¬† Why work an hour for $100 when someone’s dangling a $20 note in your face, right?¬† She gets off on creating competition with her remaining female friends.¬† She’s a juvenile, insecure, little girl who needs the validation of strange men more than the loyalty and support of gal pals.¬† Don’t be an Abby, don’t take home an Abby, don’t befriend an Abby.

female model pose art hat girl woman beautiful attractive thinking pensive Dating in Toronto: Are Local Men Commitment-Phobes? That Girl Cartier
Eneida Nieves

Dating in Toronto: Jessica

Jessica has a revolving door of men.¬† She keeps 2 or 3 in play and has a whole bunch of guys on the bench.¬† She climbed the corporate ladder quickly at the same company for the last 8 years.¬† Recently, she bought a condo and furnished it exactly the way she wanted having lived in a shitty, run-down old building for most of her time in Toronto.¬† Dating in Toronto changed a lot for Jessica when she made the move.¬† All of a sudden the dudes who were freelancing and bartending on the side felt the need to get their shit together and move on up in the world.¬† Jessica was finally showing the wealth she had accumulated, and these guys were not into it.¬† The two men she’s currently dating have told her those three little words over and over again (“I love you”, for those of us who are jaded).¬† Neither of them want to date exclusively.¬† It’s sad, but when you’re dating in Toronto everyone is always on the look-out for something better.¬† They could have their perfect man or woman doing naked back-flips in their front yard, but unless they put down the phone they’ll remain completely oblivious.

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Jennifer Decan

Dating in Toronto – Candidly Cartier

So what’s the secret to actually meeting someone in Canada’s largest city?¬† I thought it would be easier than my experiences in Korea seeing as there are more native English speakers here and many of us grew up with similar cultural backgrounds.¬† In reality, it’s far more difficult.¬† Why is dating in Toronto so obnoxious?¬† When I met Adonis, it was an instant connection.¬† Our wifi signal was weak and I can honestly say, for me, it was love at first sight.¬† I don’t think that feeling will ever go away, and even thousands of miles apart I still feel like we’re connected.¬† With ex-Co-Pilot it was easy, too.¬† I begrudgingly met him after a series of crappy first dates and it was a “right place, right time” situation.¬† He was absolutely incapable of being alone, and I needed a band-aid.¬† Now I’m in a situation where I have a great apartment, great job, and some great friends.¬† I’m no longer working as a conventionally “female” gender role (as a teacher), and the intimidation factor is out of control when you’re dating in Toronto.

women shoe footwear dance nightclubs stage lights Dating in Toronto: Are Local Men Commitment-Phobes? That Girl Cartier
Caitlyn Wilson

Dating in Toronto is Exhausting

I’m too tired to get dolled up and go out on Friday nights.¬† I’d muuuuuch rather Netflix and Chill.¬† Going out clothes sold here are either hoochie-mama bralets and booty shorts or totally binding triacetate-polyester blend urban professional attire.¬† There is no in between, anymore.¬† My feet hurt.¬† Doing my hair and makeup, stuffing myself into spanx, then trying to get that dang zipper up by myself is exhausting – and for what?¬† All you see at these meet markets are people trying to get the bartender’s attention or simply sitting in a corner and swiping all night.

texting, 2 girls, iphone, Dating in Toronto: Are Local Men Commitment-Phobes? That Girl Cartier

Swipe for Your Life

Speaking of swiping, I’ve been out on my fair share of first and second dates having met through a dating app.¬† My aforementioned friends and I get the same message each and every time we opt to keep our legs together for more then a couple of dates.¬† “I think you’re looking to take things a little slower than me.¬† I’m looking for something more casual.”¬† Sir, I’ve met you twice.¬† It’s entirely unfair to imagine that you know what I want.¬† It’s cocky to think that you’re such a stud that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with you after seeing you in two different outfits.¬† Also, it’s pretty pathetic that apparently I’m only good enough to be your booty-call.¬† I was prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt after your horrendous first kiss because we had good banter.¬† I’m starting to think that these morons just want their tinder date to turn up and bend over before agreeing to ever meet again.

people man travel adventure bed camp mountain sky sun flare alone trek climb hike
Martin Jernberg

A Girl’s Gotta Eat

These guys seem to think that I want the ring, the house, and the 2.5 kids immediately.¬† It’s not that I want something serious, I just want something consistent.¬† I’m starting a new job and have a pretty full schedule, but a girl’s gotta eat, right?¬† Realistically, I’d like to have a companion with whom to do absolutely nothing on Friday nights, and maybe to go hiking with on Saturday mornings.¬† I like breakfast in bed, too.¬† Yeah – I’ll make it.¬† Don’t get up.¬†¬†There’s still so much of the world to see, and I’m plenty happy as a solo traveler.¬† If you’re along for the ride, great.¬† Please don’t assume to know what I want.¬† Don’t dismiss me simply because you’re intimidated or a Toronto man scared of the first inkling of commitment.


Exes & Oh No’s: An Expat‚Äôs Guide to Ladies’ Sick Sense

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Photographer: Matthew Henry

Creepy Communication

We all do it.¬† Social Media makes it easier than ever to look up how our loved ones past and present are doing.¬† Are they living their best lives?¬† How happy are they?¬†¬†It seems when I’ve finally met someone new, the ghosts of lost loves past have their interests piqued.¬† When I started dating my most recent ex, it breathed life into a few poltergeists.¬† The man I’ll probably always consider to be the first¬†great love of my life reached out.¬† He said everything that I had needed and so desperately craved hearing, albeit all a little too late.¬† I was honest about our communication with my new partner, and he was honest (well…to a point) about his.¬† When I was living with the Adonis, he would call his ex while I was at work.¬† What did I care if they spoke?¬† They dated for 7 years – she was a huge part of his life and he was important to her.¬† She was also roughly 9,000 km away.¬† How much harm could she really do from that great a distance?¬† I think I’d be more worried if he wasn’t interested in her well-being and didn’t want to maintain mutual respect.

people girl alone dark night light lamp black and white creepy expat dating diaries
Photographer: Ant Rozetsky

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

In a new relationship, it’s tempting to look back on your partner’s old ones.¬† Are you part of a trend or are you different, special – an outlier?¬† Are you far enough outside the particular set of previous patterns and failures to stand the test of time?¬† A jealous,¬†pissed off, or threatened woman¬†does better research than the¬†FBI, CIA and Secret Service combined.¬† When in a budding relationship I was contacted by my (then new) boyfriend’s ex stating that he had cheated on the previous two.¬† She told me I was becoming a symptom of a much bigger problem.¬† I, of course, dismissed it at the time.¬† He told me just enough to make it seem like we had an open and honest relationship.¬† I was completely transparent.¬† When his pattern reemerged several months later, you had better bet I quickly learned about RSS feeds, source, input, and the ease of info gathering online.¬† I did it because I sensed a problem.¬† I had an underlying insecurity about the state of our relationship.¬† I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and unfortunately got more than I bargained for.

people couple man woman bride groom wedding ceremony celebration love marriage reception
Photographer: Allef Vinicius

Poking Holes in More Than Just the Story

What about the longstanding current girlfriend, fiance, or even wife, though?¬† I mean, she’s already won.¬† What use is it to look back on something which ended so very long ago?¬† On one hand, I can see that she means no harm.¬† She’s just curious about our history together.¬† How far down the line is it normal or healthy to creep?¬† Why does my ex boyfriend’s current love want to know about my daily activities now when he and I ceased all contact 7 months ago?¬† I’m sure there’s a small part where the “winner” can take perverse pleasure in popping up and rubbing it in your face that she’s enjoying your old memories.¬† Is there trouble in paradise or does she just want to lord her “success” over me without ever having to exchange words?

expat dating diaries discussion restaurant business coffee shop partners serious coffee listening colleagues talking corporate worried meeting cafe

When you’ve finally met someone new and are enjoying learning all about him, she’s there to drudge up the past.¬† At least when a man’s 6th sense kicks in, you might get closure.¬† When woman’s sick sense starts tingling, everyone just ends up shaken.¬† It’s better on both sides to leave well enough alone.¬†

people man woman happy couple coffee break relax smile sitting pug dog puppy pet outdoors
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Personal Space

To my exes’ new girlfriends and wives: ladies, if you’re really that curious about me, reach out!¬† I’d rather be cool with your creeping than completely unnerved.¬† If that’s not your jam, please have the decency to¬†use a fake account.¬† You don’t need him to block me.¬† You don’t need to control with whom he communicates.¬† The women before me prepared him to love you.¬† If your relationship is strong, it’s due in part to the fact that I made him ready to love you and that you’re a better fit together than we ever could have been.¬† The hell he and I went through together doesn’t negate the joy you have now.¬† It’s not in spite of it, it’s because of it.¬† We worked through issues together that have made him a more considerate boyfriend or husband for you.¬† They will hopefully have helped make me a better partner in my next relationship, too.

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To my readers: If your man is communicative, caring, and observant, chances are there’s a mother, sister, or ex-girlfriend who helped him along the way.¬† There’s not a single ex-boyfriend of mine with whom I’d want to get back together, but I have a genuine interest in their well-being.¬†¬†Don’t try to police your significant other’s communication.¬† If he’s friendly with his ex and a better man with you than he was with her, you might even want to buy her a bottle of wine.

Expat Dating Diaries – A PSA to Grown Men: Stop Ghosting

Everything ends, but some things don’t even get a chance at a proper start. ¬†Grown men need to learn to communicate rather than “ghosting”. ¬†This is the story of my devilishly handsome, mysterious, and insanely cowardly rebound.

Ghosting: Everything ends, but some things don't even get a chance at a proper start. The story of my handsome, mysterious, and insanely cowardly rebound. That Girl Cartier people man guy black and white body tattoo art bracelet
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My Most Recent Ghosting Experience

I recently went out with a man who I thought was interested in dating casually. ¬†As I was fresh out of a relationship, I figured he planned on getting to know me over time. ¬†It’s also fair to assume that he was seeing other women throughout the first month of what I’ll call our “courtship”. ¬†Tinder is like window shopping, and I had a brand new account. ¬†We saw eachother 4 times that first week, which was a little intense for me. ¬†It was also pretty similar to my last relationship. ¬†Co-P was in a new Facebook relationship a mere 11 days after he and I split. ¬†That’s such a shady look. ¬†Perhaps he shouldn’t have cheated¬†if he knew he’d get so butthurt about our break-up. ¬†I wasn’t in a place where I felt I needed to “win” the break-up. ¬†I want to wait until I actually know someone before determining I’ll be spending my valuable time with him alone.

Ghosting: Everything ends, but some things don't even get a chance at a proper start. The story of my handsome, mysterious, and insanely cowardly rebound. That Girl Cartier people man woman body tattoo art couple back black and white

So, rebound and I had some really nice dates. ¬†We went to some of my favourite spots in Itaewon as he was new to the city. ¬†A friend of mine came along on date #1 (what I call an “audition”), and his boss met up with us later that day. ¬†He joined me for a restaurant review and asked that we spend the next night “just us”. ¬†He held my hand in public and let other males around us know through physical cues that he was the alpha and I wasn’t going to entertain their advances. ¬†By date #3 he told me he didn’t want this to just be a fling. ¬†After that, I started to get the silent treatment. ¬†He’d go incommunicado for days, then blow up my phone with cute selfies and videos. ¬†We both left Seoul for the long weekend, but were in touch the whole time.

Ghosting: Everything ends, but some things don't even get a chance at a proper start. The story of my handsome, mysterious, and insanely cowardly rebound. That Girl Cartier people male hand arm shoulder body tattoo art
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When he got back home, he called me via video chat. ¬†He cracked a joke at one point, so I laughed. ¬†He told me that’s all he ever wanted. ¬†All he wanted was just to make me laugh and smile. ¬†The line was delivered with such innocence and fluidity I almost believed it. ¬†I rolled my eyes and that’s when he said the one thing that surprised me.

“You’re so cool. ¬†You play it so cool.”


“Yeah, you act like you don’t care. ¬†I care.”

“I’m confused. ¬†You’re the cool one in this situation. ¬†I’m just trying to keep up.”

My bullshit-o-dometer was whizzing out of control. ¬†That’s when he told me he had the next 10 years of his life planned out. ¬†Where was I going to fit in? ¬†It’s nice to have a casual, physical relationship, but what were we and what happens next? ¬†What about the “dot…dot…dot…”? ¬†After I told him it was a little early to be having this conversation, I suggested getting together on the weekend. ¬†He agreed, with the caveat that now (after nearly a month of knowing one-another) was the perfect time for this serious discussion. ¬†After that? ¬†Radio silence…was he seriously ghosting me after trying to lock it down on freaking FaceTime?

Ghosting: Everything ends, but some things don't even get a chance at a proper start. The story of my handsome, mysterious, and insanely cowardly rebound. That Girl Cartier people girl man coffee relax chill restaurant coffeehouse bar shop mobile phone texting browsing
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Gentlemen, you know exactly what kind of shitty human being you are when you consciously decide not to pick up calls or respond to messages. ¬†Nobody is too busy to make plans with someone they like. ¬†When a man is interested in a woman, he’ll move Heaven, Earth, a board meeting or a boys night to see her. ¬†When you’re ghosting, you’re avoiding responsibility because you’re too chicken shit to have an actual adult conversation. ¬†Everyone gets anxious when it comes to potential confrontation. ¬†You owe it to the other person to provide a proper conclusion. ¬†I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: to get what you want you have to communicate.

Ghosting: Everything ends, but some things don't even get a chance at a proper start. The story of my handsome, mysterious, and insanely cowardly rebound. That Girl Cartier people woman girl sitting waiting alone blonde hair mobile phone

Ladies, here are some of the reasons why he’s ghosting you:

He’s Not Looking For Commitment

This guy will flip his shit at the simplest “how was your day?” text. ¬†It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a serious relationship or casual tail. ¬†He wants no strings attached and assumes you’re hunting for a ring. ¬†Drop the dud and play the field. ¬†He’s not worth your time.

There’s Another Woman

I always say that Tinder is like window shopping. ¬†¬†Men can certainly make the most of a shitty situation. ¬†In fact, a lot of guys I know actually exclusively Tind while on the can. ¬†If you’re dating someone actively perusing your replacement, he’s a turd. ¬†Don’t let yourself circle the drain with this one.

You’re the Other Woman

I met this wonderful man last year who really wanted to take things slow and get to know me. ¬†We went on some fantastic dates and I felt like we really started to make a connection. ¬†Then, he started acting weird and before I knew it – he was ghosting. ¬†It turns out his ex fiance was getting married and he just wasn’t quite over it all. ¬†It didn’t matter that their relationship was over. ¬†He wasn’t ready to make an emotional investment that might end with similar feelings. ¬†This one actually came back and we were able to talk it out. ¬†Eventually, we even became friends.

He’s Just Not That Into You

It sucks to hear, but the old Sex and the City adage is real. ¬†He doesn’t see this going anywhere and doesn’t wanted to get sucked into an emotional conversation where he’ll have to explain why. ¬†He doesn’t even respect you enough to have the common decency to tell you he doesn’t want to see you. ¬†Start swiping.

You’re an Option, Not a Priority

He wants to keep you around in case he needs an emotional relationship or a late night booty call down the line.  Unfriend.  Unfollow.  Block if you must.  Move the hell along.

Ghosting: Everything ends, but some things don't even get a chance at a proper start. The story of my handsome, mysterious, and insanely cowardly rebound. That Girl Cartier people girl female lady woman travel outdoor alone beach seashore sea ocean waves water summer mobile phone texting

Dating is tough. ¬†Expat dating is often tougher. ¬†When it comes down to it, we all want to feel important and cared for. ¬†Nobody wants to feel tossed aside. ¬†Ladies and gentlemen, don’t willfully neglect another human. ¬†Be kind, be gentle, and stop ghosting. ¬†I can guarantee that a reasonable person will respond much better (and likely stop responding altogether) if you tell him or her in a nice way that you don’t want to proceed. ¬†The calling, the texting, the passive aggressive social media posts (and lurks) will all vanish – and you won’t have to. ¬†If you want to alleviate guilt and avoid confrontational/ emotional conversations be clear. ¬†Stop ghosting.

Break-Up Do’s and Dating Don’ts – Expat Dating Diaries

Expat Dating Don’ts and Break-Up Do’s

Co-P and I started having the inevitable (inevitable because he’s leaving Korea, not because he’s a cheater) break-up talk. ¬†It would have been fine had it not been in Haneda airport 6 hours before our flight. ¬†A few days later our fast, serious, fleeting, expat dating romance was over. ¬†Little did I know then, he was already seeing (and sleeping with) someone else. ¬†The confidence I had in our direct, communicative relationship was an absolute lie, and I feel pretty stupid having trusted him. ¬†Because of the exciting, dramatic, and rocky way our relationship began, I felt like most of the time we were playing relationship chicken. ¬†I had several trips lined up before meeting him. ¬†He said he wanted to come, and without too many jokes or dares he booked flights. ¬†I should have taken my own advice…

Because of the dramatic way our relationship began, I felt like we were playing relationship chicken. I should have taken my expat dating advice! girl woman barbell weights muscles strength training athlete crossfit health fitness exercise working out people
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Looking back on our relationship (as shortlived as it was) I have a number of thoughts and feelings. ¬†We are completely different people with a few key common interests (fitness, food, and expat dating, it seems). ¬†Ultimately, we weren’t compatible romantically or with our timing. ¬†He tried to limit me to 2 tourist attractions per day on our travels. ¬†He wanted a 10 PM bedtime. ¬†I wanted to soak up everything (including the nightlife) in a new city. ¬†He followed the rules. ¬†I wanted to renegotiate them. ¬†There were so many times when I felt I couldn’t be as wild and outlandish as I wanted to be. ¬†In some respects, that’s a really good thing. ¬†Co-P pushed me to be the healthiest and strongest person physically I could be. ¬†I was well-rested, too. ¬†Ultimately, I got bored. ¬†I think he did, too.

Because of the dramatic way our relationship began, I felt like we were playing relationship chicken. I should have taken my expat dating advice! airplane travel adventure plane people vacation trip transportation vehicle helicopter
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As much as I’m content with my life without him as my boyfriend, there are still moments that give me pause. ¬†I miss having him as the friend I thought he was. ¬†There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from every relationship, and expat dating is no different. ¬†Take a look and see what you can extrapolate from every interaction. ¬†Here’s what I’ve learned…


Because of the dramatic way our relationship began, I felt like we were playing relationship chicken. I should have taken my expat dating advice! people man woman couple dating talking romance candle lighting lights bokeh
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Expat Dating Don’ts

  • Don’t have your first few dates at favourite spots in your neighbourhood. ¬†You’ll hate yourself going back to a memory you made together there every time you pass them.
  • Don’t invest yourself too much in the beginning…or really ever. ¬†It’s important to keep a balance and your own social life. ¬†Don’t be one of those people who gives up on your single friends when you’re coupled up.
  • Don’t ignore the majority of your friends saying bad things about him. ¬†Especially don’t alienate them in favour of the ones who speak kindly.
  • Don’t ignore his ex gfs if they reach out to you. ¬†There’s a reason they sound crazy. ¬†That reason is probably that he hurt them something fierce.
  • Don’t let things move too quickly. ¬†If he’s asking you to be exclusive on the third day you’ve met, maybe there’s another issue. ¬†Pump the breaks if things are heating up a little faster than anticipated. ¬†It might be exciting to jump into a new relationship, but you also might be left with the feeling that you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. ¬†He might have self-esteem issues, be self-indulgent, or just want to stir up drama. ¬†Co-P posted about his new girlfriend the day before a trip we planned together. ¬†(Super nice way to let me know you cheated, by the way…). ¬†Expat dating is tough!
  • Don’t get hung up on past heartaches. ¬†There’s a reason he’s not the one with you on this date! ¬†Focus on this new person who wants to spend time getting to know you!
Because of the dramatic way our relationship began, I felt like we were playing relationship chicken. I should have taken my expat dating advice! people girl woman couple clothing hand touch
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Expat Dating: Break-Up Do’s

  • Do let yourself have a mourning period. ¬†Maybe you haven’t lost the love of your life, but you’re losing out on someone who has made an impact on it. ¬†You’ll be ready when you’re ready.
  • Do: ¬†It doesn’t matter if your mourning period is short. ¬†If you are ready to get back out there then do it!
  • Do: Say YES. ¬†If you get an interesting invitation then say yes! ¬†Surprise yourself with new hobbies and activities.
  • Do: Meet new people! ¬†It doesn’t matter if you want to get out on the dating scene right away or not, new people = new perspectives. ¬†Isn’t learning what we’re born to do?
  • Do: Widen your net. ¬†Meet people (new friends and prospects) you might not normally go for. ¬†Everyone thinks they have a “type”. ¬†If yours hasn’t been working for you, try something else! ¬†Whether you’re an expat dating or just meeting new pals, there are plenty of us in a concentrated environment. ¬†Go forth an experience new things!
  • Do: Look out for #1. ¬†Take care of yourself first. ¬†Don’t overextend yourself for someone who won’t go out of his or her way for you.
Because of the dramatic way our relationship began, I felt like we were playing relationship chicken. I should have taken my expat dating advice! sea ocean water waves nature horizon sky sunset sunlight sunrise sunshine people couple love man woman hug smile happy
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I’m not looking for the stars and the moon in another human. ¬†I’m looking for a travel companion, good conversationalist, work-out buddy, party pal, and all around life partner. ¬†I’m looking for someone who won’t deliberately hurt me (or put me at risk) because he’s started to stray. ¬†Neptune has 13 moons. ¬†Uranus has 27 (and they’re outta this world, girlfriend). ¬†Our very own galaxy is full of stars and moons. ¬†If you’re an expat in Korea like me, you’ve likely circled the globe at least once or twice. ¬†He (or she) is out there, but you’ve gotta make it through the Star Wars first.

Britney in my Seoul – Oops, I did it again…

Britney Spears in Seoul, South Korea

Saturday June 10th Britney Spears played a show in Korea. ¬†She was actually in Tokyo when I went with Co-P, but we didn’t go to the show. ¬†We actually began the break up process at Haneda Airport, but that’s a story for another time. ¬†Oops…I did it again. ¬†Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d see her live, and I certainly didn’t think it’d be in Korea of all places! ¬†Even cooler? ¬†With G Dragon playing a show and Ultra Music Festival this weekend we got our KRW 99,000 tickets (just over $100 Canadian) upgraded TWICE. ¬†I was sent to 3 different windows and had to wait a long time while they got their act together, but I walked away with VVIP tickets which had a value closer to $400 Canadian…each! ¬†I got all gussied up with fabulous fellow blogger “A Fat Girl’s Food Guide“. ¬†We had all kinds of laughs I really needed outside the venue, and went inside just before the show.

Britney Spears in Seoul Korea


There was no opening act. ¬†Britney got straight into it and didn’t stop for an hour and a half. ¬†She was strictly business, purely professional, and an enchanting entertainer. ¬†The fan favourites were all a blur, fading into one another in a medley that got me in the zone! ¬†Last night was a reminder that if Britney can make it through 2007, I can make it through the day, too. ¬†When you breakdown you can go further into the madness or take the opportunity to rebuild. ¬†There’s a blessing and a beauty in the breakdown. ¬†Others may have torn you down, but only you can truly rebuild from the wreckage.

Fat Girl Food Guide Toronto Seoulcialite That Girl Cartier Britney Spears Seoul Korea


The past year has not exactly been my easiest. ¬†I came to Korea to give myself a break from a stressful job and a toxic work environment. ¬†After a healthy, comfortable, calm year in Busan, I decided to take on the capital city: Seoul. ¬†I was right back in a difficult work environment with longer hours and less time to dedicate to fitness and finding friends. ¬†Sprinkle in a couple of dating disasters and Itaewon drama, and voila! ¬†You’ve got yourself a pretty shit sundae. ¬†It’s getting tougher and tougher to pick myself up. ¬†I truly believe that you should take as many lessons as you can from a negative situation. ¬†Reflecting on our actions, reactions, and the ones from the people around us is crucial to personal development. ¬†While I often feel like I take one step forward and 3 steps back, I want to move forward and enter my 30’s with joy and energy.

Fat Girl Food Guide Toronto Seoulcialite That Girl Cartier Britney Spears Seoul Korea

Work, B*tch

On Mondays I aim to ease into the week. ¬†I get to work with the youngest kids on Mondays. ¬†While conversation is tougher, the cuddles tend to be plentiful. ¬†My gym doesn’t open until 8 AM on Mondays, so I take it easy. ¬†I talk to my parents on Skype every Monday and always look forward to our weekly ritual. ¬†I’ve partnered with Sprout Seoul (Natural Healthy Whole Food Service in Korea), so I skipped out on my weekly meal prep in favour of flavour. ¬†I’ll have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack or dessert¬†free of over-processed ingredients, chemicals and additives. ¬†I’ll be sharing pictures and honest thoughts on the menu here daily, too. ¬†Last time I ordered from Sprout I was down 3 kg within days. ¬†I’m thrilled to be on the 5 day plan. ¬†If you order from Sprout Seoul, make sure to mention The Toronto Seoulcialite or That Girl Cartier to get a free snack!

…One More Time

I’ve read that we should start now rather than waiting for a special occasions. I say, take what you can get. ¬†New Year’s Eve, a birthday, a new job, a break-up or even a Monday is an opportunity. ¬†I’ve got a recent break-up, a birthday on the horizon (August 6th if you’re keeping track), and the Monday trap tomorrow. ¬†I want to take these opportunities as spring boards to a better me. ¬†As cheesy as it all sounds, a fresh start is exactly what I think I need. ¬†With a new gym membership, Sprout Seoul, a little Restylane¬†c/o Eunogo, some rad new friends, the love of more than a couple drag queens, and Britney in my Seoul, I’m Stronger. ¬†Now get to work, b*tch!

Fat Girl Food Guide Toronto Seoulcialite That Girl Cartier Britney Spears Seoul Korea